Printed Glass Doors

Impactful innovation

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NU-D have once again disrupted the rather mundane market sector of sliding wardrobe doors, with creative innovation.

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Wardrobe doors with printed bobble pattern
Printed Glass Wardrobe Doors

Our advanced ceramic ink technology enables us to print gorgeous images and designs onto glass robe doors that not only look stunning but are remarkably resistant to scratching and UV damage. With an unrivaled resolution of 1410dpi, we are able to reproduce images and designs that display detail and clarity with incredible durability.

With NU-D’s ink technology, printing onto glass doors is no longer just about colour. This incredible process allows you unlimited creativity that includes both texture and light. The ability to control the transparency levels of the glass opens many possibilities to those wanting to take full control of light and design.

The robust nature of the printed surface means that you can now display the printed side of the glass as the display side. This side is naturally less glossy and can even be over-printed a second time. For those who are truly creative, this opens a whole world of possibilities with texture and multi-faceted patterns. These printing options are not restricted to our printed glass wardrobe doors but are available throughout our entire range of products.

The most durable glass printing process in the world, right here in Wangara. Browse through our huge range of designs or create your own.

You can of course use our printing process for all types of glass doors in your home, such as linen closets, laundry, in fact anywhere that a glass door is located. 

This includes positions in your home that are in direct sunlight, as our ceramic ink printing process is totally UV stable and is guaranteed not to fade.

Printed Glass Doors