Printed Glass Splashback Marble


Unrivaled print resolution partnered with remarkable durability allows NU-D to offer premium printed glass products that make a real statement in any home.

Printed Glass on commercial building


With outstanding UV stability and market-leading weather performance, NU-D printed glass is the perfect solution for adding creativity to a commercial project.

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A New Dimension in Glass Printing

Explore the endless possibilities of NU-D digital ceramic in-glass printing

Printed glass shower screen with white pattern

Take Control Of Texture, Colour & Light

With NU-D digital ceramic in-glass printing technology you have complete control of light, texture and transparency. This provides you with limitless opportunities to create beautiful, unique environments and living spaces.

The Technology

Diptech GPi50 Glass Printer NU-D

Our state-of-the-art glass printing facility in Perth offers unrivaled resolution at 1410dpi.

Marrying print quality with outstanding durability and UV resistance equals a market-leading range of products.

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